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Worry no more about solving your technology problems. PC Supreme in Kingwood, Texas provides a comprehensive range of computer repair and upgrade services as well as technology solutions to keep the modern business or connected home running smoothly.

About Us

In business since 2006 and touting a staff with decades of experience in IT, construction, and engineering, we are well-equipped to assist with all of your home and small to medium business computer needs. We work hard to empower you to overcome your computer problems instead of being a slave to the availability of the computer guy. We have dedicated ourselves to accommodating the requirements of our customers, the overwhelming majority of whom have been completely satisfied by our work.

Remember - Our integrity is the only asset we have that cannot be taken away by anyone or anything but ourselves, and we will not allow it to be compromised for any reason.

50% Off Labor, Computer Upgrade Services in Kingwood, TX

Our Services

We offer various IT support services for your home or business, specializing in computer repair and upgrade services. Our team has the tools and experience needed to take you where you want to be, technologically, and to keep you there painlessly.

Repairs & Upgrades

Whether you're having problems with failed hardware, viruses/malware, or need more horsepower to run the latest game, we customize our services to your needs and budget.

Networking Services

Enhance the efficiency of your home or office with our IT and network services. Few are the homes or businesses today that have only one computer in them. The wireless and wired technologies to connect them have come a long way, and networked devices like printers, tablets, cell phones, and servers each have their own special set of demands. We can keep all of your equipment talking to each other and on the web reliably and smoothly.

New Computers

We custom build new computers in any quantity that are designed to not only match the quality and value of the big-brand PC manufacturers, but completely surpass them. Quantity discounts for corporate environments are available to orders as small as four machines.

Wiring Services

Whatever your wiring needs are, our low-voltage wiring services will satisfy them. Our work is exceptional in both quality and versatility.

Printers & Plotters

Our ability to procure and service nearly all printers and plotters is sure to accommodate your professional needs. Our experience and skills will enable you to accomplish effective architecture, engineering, and construction work, meeting deadlines and impressing clients.


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Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. | Emergency Service Available 24/7 | Proudly Serving the entire Houston Metropolitan Area

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