Our Services

So what, specifically, do we do?

  • Computer Repair
    • This is core business that our company was founded for in 2006.  With staff touting experience dating back a quarter century or more, we can fix anything but a broken heart.  If your computer is malfunctioning in any way, have us come take a look at it!  There is never a charge for a diagnosis, and we will be forthright and honest about our evaluation and the estimated cost of repair.  The reality of technology today is that sometimes it is more cost-effective to replace something than it is to fix it.  We’ll let you know if that is the case so that you can make an informed decision.  It may cost us business in the short run, but we hope to earn your loyalty in the long run.

  • New Computers
    • If you need a very task-specific computer that the major brands simply cannot provide, we can make it happen.  Sometimes a major-brand computer just needs some customizing or upgrading before it’s ready to do the job you need.  We can do that.  Sometimes you need extra redundancy or performance in areas that can only be had in a custom-built computer, such as a custom liquid-cooling loop or RAID array.  We have more experience than nearly anyone.  Our attention to detail and passion for quality and performance is unparalleled.  References are available!

      Here's our finished result, just before final cleaning and delivery. It looks great! I have no idea why the SLI bridge is orange in this video. It's been green before and since, but Gigabyte's AORUS Engine and RGB Fusion software both STINK. A DANG LOT!Final performance results:5187MHz CPU with the cores synched and no AVX offset (wow)3966MHz RAM @ 15-17-17-362037MHz GPU/5616MHz GDDR SpeedsI burned it in using OCCT, Prime95, Unigen Heaven, and Unigen Valley. This is a DCS computer, and DCS currently runs on DirectX 11. Valley and Heaven both stayed in triple digit frame rates for 24+ hours with GPU temps never exceeding 60 degrees. OCCT and Prime95 ran for 24+ hours and the CPU never got above 70 degrees. The cooling and performance are awesome.

      Posted by Jason Heise on Thursday, August 9, 2018

  •  Business Network Infrastructure and Maintenance
    • A business owner wants to focus on running their business and doing what they love, right?  What plumber or lawyer knows how to maintain an active directory?  What restaurateur or doctor wants to add a network drop?  Accountants are good with double-entry bookkeeping, not mesh wi-fi implementation.  Warehouse managers need to see their security cameras, not work on them.  Focus on your talents and excelling at them.  Let us focus on making sure your equipment is always ready to do the most work for you.
      • For those in the medical field, we are extremely experienced and savvy with HIPAA
      • Engineers/Architects/Construction Contractors: we know CAD software and plotters, with decades of experience working on them.
      • Food service and restaurants: a kitchen is a harsh place for technology.  We can keep those screens and printers running smoothly.  Even if you have franchise/corporate I.T. support, we can do the hands-on work that can’t be done from a corporate help desk hundreds of miles away!
  • Low Voltage Construction
    • We can design and install any type of low-voltage cable system during construction, renovation, or as a stand-alone implementation.  This includes UTP/Network, coaxial, muzak, camera, or other types of wiring.  If it’s below fifty volts or shuttles ones and zeros around, we can offer a full rack-to-jack solution.